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Great Khalli is rank 1 and Mark Henry is rank 17 and Great Khalli's weight is 459 and Mark Henry's weight is 378 so Great Khalli is stronger.

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mark Henry

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Q: Who is stronger the great khali or mark Henry?
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Who is the strongest wrestler on raw?

The Great Khali or Mark Henry.

Why didn't failures like mark Henry and the great khali get released from the WWE?

mark henrey is wrestilg and khali is in India

Who is the strongest guy ever known?

I believe this would be Mark Henry

Who is currently the world's strongest man?

mark henry/great khali

Who is the strongest jbl mvp mysterio undertaker big show or the great khali?

mark Henry

Who can beat the great Khali in WWE?

John Cena, Mark Henry, Big show and Vladimir Kozlov

Who is stronger the rock or undertaker?

If you are talking about the 1990s then it is the undertaker, but if your talking about now then it is the rock.

Who is stronger mark henry or rey mysterio?

Mark Henry

Is batista the strongest wrestler?

Yes, it is. He was able to lift superheavyweight like the big show, mark henry and the great khali.

How khali enter in WWE?

Khali first appear as interference in a match between Undertaker and Mark Henry and beat Undertaker. Then both had disputes and fightings In this way Khali entered WWE

Can John Cena knock out Mark Henry?

Most probably not. john Cena has however, on several occasions, lifted Mark Henry off his feet for an FU. So he can lift and pin Henry. But, only with his bare hands, he cannot knock out Mark Henry. The Big Show or Great Khali probably can though because they have the weight and strength.

What WWE Superstars star in MacGruber?

MVP, Mark Henry, The Great Khali, The Big Show, and Chris Jericho.P.S. MacGruber guest hosted Monday Night RAW before.