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in the first anime yes tsunade was stronger than naruto but in shippuden naruto is way stronger than tsunade because he got sage mode also tsunade couldn't even beat pain

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Q: Who is stronger naruto or tsunade?
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Does Sakura get stronger?

Yes, she gets stronger in Naruto Shippuuden under the training of Tsunade.

Why did tsunade make sakura as her subordinate?

Sakura had a desire to become stronger, as she was tired of relying on Naruto. Tsunade agreed to train her.

Who is stronger of the three sanin in naruto?

3- tsunade 2 - jiraya 1- orochimaru

Is naruto stronger than tsunade?

(spoiler) I believe he is now that he's learned sage mode and controlled the nine tailed beast but at the start of shippuden I think Tsunade could still beat Naruto.

What does Naruto call Tsunade?

"grama tsunade!"

Does Sakura develop new powers in Naruto Shippuden?

Yes, she does. She had been training with Tsunade to get stronger the whole time Naruto was gone. She appears in Shippuden a lot more powerful and stronger.

Is naruto stronger than the Hokage?

when we was younger he had a fight with tsunade, but in shippuden he hasn't had any physcial contact. without the nine tails cloke from, i believe he isn't stronger than tsunade. maybe even with the cloak

Does Tsunade tell Naruto about Jiraiya?

No, instead Jiraiya tells Naruto about Tsunade, as Naruto first met Jiraiya.

Will sakura become stronger than tsunade?

For now in manga, no. But she is weak. Over all naruto is much stronger then any leaf ninja in the manga

Who is stronger tsunade or kabuto?


Is orochimaru stronger than tsunade?

heck naw tsunade is stronger than orochimaru have you saw that one episode with tsunade and jiraya tsunade kicked his butt

Does Tsunade have kids?

=No, but naruto calls her grandma tsunade just to annoy her.=

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