Who is stephon René?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Stephon Rene (Stephon René) is an underground multimedia powerhouse. This recording artist, singer, song writer, popper, choreographer, manager and a rapper, was originally known for his single "Don't Stop Tryen" released in 2011 via Def Jam Records due to a none contract binding distribution agreement (subcontractor Tunecore.) Though quite a buzz was created from this child friendly dream encouraging song, Stephon René's true accomplishments would not happen for three more years.

During the time of absence from his rap career, he worked on his music and displayed a passion for dance as he created a dance crew called Harmonised Diversity.

Unfortunately, he appeared to have had difficulty keeping the same members in this crew. Each YouTube video has different people in till the videos ended altogether. A safe assumption would be they either disbanded or took a long hiatus.

In early 2014 Stephon René became a member of a small group called Voices For Change. A group that used various kinds of creative expression to get there story heard. This group facilitated with high schools and colleges alike. Teaching others how to use there voice to be heard. Making it there mission to assist in closing the achievement gap between races in Minnesota schools. The group has made appearances in several Minnesota teacher workshops and they worked with groups such as SEED, YAR, and more.

Arguably, His greatest achievement with his positive and enlightening music would be that he became the first-ever non Page scholar to perform at the Alan Page education foundation. Alan Cedric Page is an associate justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court and is in the Minnesota Viking Hall of Fame.

In early July, Stephon launched His Own multimedia none contract binding development and production record label called Flow Motion Productions. In this label he currently is showcasing; Singer Stacey Alfaro, Dancer DeeZee, Model Emmy Bakke and many more.

On July 30 2014, shortly after he launched his own record label, Stephon René made a surprise appearance as an opener for Bone Crusher. (Bone Crusher is best known for his song "Never Scared".) For this performance, Stephon René and DeeZee performed a Bone Breaking and popping routine to a Dubstep remix of Bonecrusher's song "never scared". These two also assisted Bonecrusher close out his last song with even more popping and bone breaking.

Stephon René (steff-on) (Ra-nay) has a tied first and last name. In other words. "Stephon" is never said without "René" and vise versa.

This song writer was born in Haiti and adopted into American life and culture at a young age. No other reliable information is known about Stephon René. The birthday of this man is completely unknown, even to himself. (Personal information was found in an autobiography on his official Myspace page.)

For pictures of these events and current news, the two twitter usernames to know are



Fun Facts:

No release date has yet been given for Stephon René's First official "Album like" debut demo called "Battle Cry". Though, he made a statement via Facebook announcing it is to be released early 2015.

"OK OK Stephon René" is a motto he intro's many of his songs with. In addition to this, outside of music, he is seen saying "OK OK!" in videos and has even been seen with it shaved into his head. Currently the significance of this quote, if any, is yet to be made public.

His original song "Don't Stop Tryen" was removed from almost every online store and music streaming website though the reasons unknown. Replacing this song, and the song catapulting him to becoming an "on the verge artist", is his club hit "Dance Party". available in online stores everywhere.

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Q: Who is stephon René?
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