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Every once in a while we come across a genuine talent and a master in music making. A talented individual that brings a breath of 'fresh air' and excitement to a stale business filled with manufactured 'one-hit' wonders and 'one-trick' ponies so to speak. Ramzi is that talented individual - an accomplished Singer, Musician, Performer, Songwriter and Producer. With his distinct dulcet vocal tones, unforgettable melodies, and highly relatable song topics Ramzi continues to capture new fans across the world everyday. Ramzi is also known for using middle eastern and other ethnic styles with western music in his own unique way.

Ramzi was born in the UK to Lebanese parents, however spending much of his childhood in Africa and the Middle East, which he feels gives him a unique identity and allows him to integrate easily with people from different cultures. Growing up as part of a musical family with his mother a classical pianist, and father an avid music lover, Ramzi began singing and playing the guitar from the young age of nine. From being classically trained on the piano, writing and producing his first songs at the mere age of twelve, Ramzi's natural talent, development and growth as an artist as well as a songwriter has led him to be dubbed by many as the UK's answer to Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Ne-yo.

Indeed, as a Songwriter/ Producer Ramzi has already written for and worked with worldwide artists such as Taio Cruz, Kelly Clarkson, Westlife, Lulu, The Gipsy Kings, The Overtones, T2, Misteeq, Bluey Robinson, and Lexington Bridge.

Ramzi has been featured on radio networks all across the UK including BBC Radio 1, BBC 1xtra, BBC Asian Network, Galaxy FM, Choice FM and Kiss FM, as well as Radio One, Virgin and a vast number of radio networks in the Middle East.

His music videos have been on heavy rotation on channels such as MTV, Chart Show TV, Channel U, Fizz and Bubble Hits, as well as as several music channels in The Middle East. On YouTube his videos have become a phenomenon and accumulated over 3 million views already.

Ramzi has already performed at venues across the UK and Europe including a sell out show at the renowned Jazz Cafe in London. He's also performed live PA's at most of London's most prestige night clubs including the number one celebrity hotspot Movida. In the middle east Ramzi has performed to thousands of people at his sell out show at the Palladium in Dubai, and has also performed at top night clubs such as Chi and Etoiles.

Ramzi's debut album "Chapter One" was released on Monday 27th April 2009 in the UK and Middle East. His first single release in the U.A.E "Love Is Blind" became an overnight hit. The album hit the charts with a bang peaking at No.2 in the U.A.E. and Lebanon. "Chapter One" was also released in Japan in June 2010 and his debut single "Fall In Love" became an instant success reaching No.2 on the Japanese iTunes Chart followed by strong album sales.

Ramzi's 2nd album, "Touch The Sky" featuring his hit single "My Wife" is set for release in the UK and the Middle East in May 2011. It will also be available in other parts of the world later this year. More info coming soon!...

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Q: Who is ramzi the singer who sung the song love is blind?
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