Who is paul stirling Taylor?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Paul Stirling Taylor, founder of True Horizon Music Ltd, was born in Glasgow, Scotland 1967. Once managed by Elton John's ex Manager, John Reid, Paul has lead a varied career in the music scene as songwriter, performer, producer, which he started in his teenage years. He moved to London and went onto performing on UK and worldwide tours with bands such as Ah-HA, David Essex, and was also Samantha Fox's international keyboard player. He eventually moved back to Glasgow where he still resides. In 1995 Paul married and three years later started a family and now has two lovely children. In 1997 he found a new direction in composing, scoring his music to picture and producing music for worldwide licencing with EMI music, and has since being working for ITV, STV, Grampian TV, Hit Entertainment, Parthenon Entertainment, National Goegraphic Channel to name some. He has also worked on award winning films such as Divine and from 2004 he has been working as the in-house composer for the longest running UK cop show in the UK, Taggart. Paul is still based in Glasgow, Scotland, where he works from his studio creating an array of styles of music ranging from Pop to Dance to Rock, Chill-out to Drama. There is more information on

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Q: Who is paul stirling Taylor?
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