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jang geun suk

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Q: Who is park shin hye's ideal man?
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Is Park Shin hye Yoona in Girls Generation?

No, Park Shin Hye is an actress, she played in You're Beautiful, You've Fallen for Me, and Hayate the Combat Buttler . Yoona is Im Yoona of Girls Generation/SNSD, and an actress in Love Rain, and Cinderella Man.

Who is park shin hye ex boyfriends?

I'm looking forward too find a woman and I'm single man are you looking for one

Did also jung yong hwa have feelings for park shin hye?

jung yong hwa is seohyun's boyfreind . but there is possibility that yonghwa will be shinhye's man because yong hwa likes shinhye

Who is the handsome man in shinhwa?

you must like Shin Hye Sung!

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When was Park Jin-Man born?

Park Jin-Man was born on 1976-11-30.

When did Park Yong-man die?

Park Yong-man died on 1928-10-17.

When was Park Yong-man born?

Park Yong-man was born on 1881-07-02.