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Leonardo De Vinci

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Q: Who is paint monalisha's photo first time?
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How do you enlarge pictures saved to to your computer?

ANSWER:All you need to do is open your pictures folder, then if you have "window photo gallery" or "paint" you can edit the picture you wanted to be bigger. It's very simple but be patience if this is your first time to do it...good luck!!

When was the lockness monster first seen?

in the 20th century, but a long time ago. It was thought to be a drawing instead of a photo, but the photographer said it was a photo

What percentage of children die from huffing paint for the first time?


When was the Lock Ness Monster first seen?

in the 20th century, but a long time ago. It was thought to be a drawing instead of a photo, but the photographer said it was a photo

How do you change cover photo on facebook time line on a blackberry?

The cover photo can be changed on Facebook on a Blackberry phone by first downloading the picture that is going to be used. Then touch the cover photo and then touch the pencil to edit. When the phone asks if you want to change the photo simply download the new photo to Facebook and choose it for the cover photo.

When was the first time people used paint?

Cavemen paintings are the earliest art we know about.

What are the advantages of an online download of Corel Photo Paint over getting the software in store?

Some of the most advantages of downloading online Corel photo paint over software instead of buying the product install is the accessibility to the product at any time to re download in the future no hassle with having to drive the shops to purchase it or finding a place to store the CD case after the installation.

How do you save photos to your photo library with the itouch?

Well first of all, chose the photo you want to save, then press the lock button and the home button at the same time. That will save it to your library.

What president was photographed in 1840?

The first time a U.S. President was photographed was on March 4, 1841. William Henry Harrison posed for the photo on the day of his inauguration. The current location of the photo is unknown.

How do you use the submarine on cryptids island?

After you visit Loch Ness the first time, and take the rowboat, return the photo to the Mews mansion. It is not convincing. On your second trip to Loch Ness, you can win a submarine ticket by playing darts as you did the first time. Dive to the bottom of the Loch to get a Nessie photo, and return it to the pub.

How much is a picture containing Babe Ruth and Ted Williams meeting for the first time and both in uniform worth?

The value of the photo will rely on what type of photo it is. If it is a first generation photo, or a modern reproduction that sells in today's market for about $10. The photo you have could also be a wire, or press photo, and could be worth anywhere between $50.-$200. Even if it is a snap shot taken by a fan it could sell in the $50. price range.

What photo is considered the reliable primary source?

photo taken at the time of occurred event