Who is older peach or daisy?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Not sure but my Opinion is Peach...09lemacs helping you's out there my Opinion is that Daisy may not be better looking but although peach and daisy are completly different.......I'd say that both are just as good as each other...because sometimes opisites can come together.

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I think they are the same age.

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Q: Who is older peach or daisy?
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How old is peach and daisy?

peach is older than daisy

How old are peach and daisy?

daisy is older, daisy is 21, peach is 20 though peach has had mroe experience travelling the stars (peach is actually rosalina by the way)

How is older peach or daisy?

Peach was 1st because she was born in '85. daisy wasn't born until '89 so peach is olde by 4 years 1989 - 1985 _____ 0004

Who is the oldest princess peach or daisy?

It is peach. She was introduced in 1987. why did you even ask. Are you a big fan? because i makeing a prissiness book and i wanted to no if peach or daisy was oldest

Is princess peach older then princess daisy?

They might be the same age, but they are not twins. They are cousins.

Who is better peach or daisy?

No, but they are cousins and they love the Super bros. Peach=Mario Daisy=Luigi

Is Daisy a friend of Peach?

Yes Daisy and Peach are best friend. Daisy have friend a Rosalina and Peach and Peach have friend is Daisy,Rosalina,Zelda,and Samus

Is princess peach older than princess daisy?

Actually, im pretty sure she is because Mario is older than Luigi, and since princess peach has a crush on Mario, she has to be about the same age as him.

What is the differents bitwen daisy and peach?

Daisy is a tomboy.Daisy is NOT Peach's sister/cousin their best friends. Unlike Peach, Daisy is strong and tough. Peach is more of the girly type

Is Rosetta related to peach or daisy?

No. Rosetta is not related to princess Daisy or Peach.

Who is better at singing Peach or Daisy?

Peach, haven't you heard her singing before

Why are Daisy and peach friends?

um I think cos Mario rescued peach and daisy