Who is natsume hyuuga?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He's a Character from Gakuen Alice Academy, he's mostly cold and never opens up to anyone but his best friend Nogi Ruka, but first impressions are never the best he actually turns out to be a very selfishless guy and have feelings for Sakura Mikan and is stuck in a love triangle with his best friend Ruka. And the Anime is awesome you should check it out!!

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Q: Who is natsume hyuuga?
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Who should play the English voice of teenage natsume hyuuga?

joe joans

Who is aoi hyuga?

Aoi Hyuga is Natsume Hyuga's younger sister in gakuen alice. she is blind and has lost her fire alice.

Who should play the English voice of natsume hyuuga from alice academy?

bradley steven perry

If alice academy had a second season who should play the english voice of teenage natsume hyuuga?

joe jonas

Who will mikan sakura get to end up with in the end?

The manga hasn't finished yet but I still think that Sakura Mikan will end up with Hyuuga Natsume

Who are in love in Gakuen Alice?

So far, the couples in Gakuen Alice are as follows:Mikan Sakura and Natsume HyuugaTsubasa Andou and Misaki HaradaNobara Ibaragi and Persona/Rei SerioIzumi Yukihara and Yuuka Azumi (Mikan's parents)

What is Neji's uncle's name?

Hiashi Hyuuga head of the Hyuuga Clan

What is Hinata's last name?

Her name is Hinata Hyuga/Hyuuga of the Hyuga/Hyuuga Clan.

Is there romance in gakuen Alice?

Yes! It starts off really innocent since the characters are only 10 at the beginning, but it grows into something deep, intense, and passionate. It's between Natsume Hyuuga and Mikan Sakura, so if you wanted to look into more, you could.

What is the birth name of Soseki Natsume?

Soseki Natsume's birth name is Kinnosuke Natsume.

Is Neji related to Natsume?

No, Neji is not related to Natsume.

What is Neji Hugas dads name?

His dad's name is Hizashi Hyuuga, his uncle's name is Hiashi Hyuuga, and his cousin's names are Hinata and Hanabi. P.S. It's spelled Hyuuga