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Q: Who is more famous - Kim Kardashian or The Queen?
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Who is more famous Stacy Ferguson or Kim Kardashian?

Stacy Ferguson. Don't talk about Kim Kardashian. She is already a dislike of everyone.

Who out of the celebrity's has met the Queen?

kim kardashian

Is Kim Kardashian famous?

No, not really.

Does Kim Kardashian have an aim?

Being that Kim Kardashian is a social starlette - famous for being famous - her aim is to remain relivant in the media.

What is kim Kardashian famous for?

her sex tape - watch the full kim kardashian sex tape at

Which famous lady was Arthur Miller marrried to?

Kim Kardashian

Who is more curvy khole or Kim Kardashian?

i think kim.

Does Kim Kardashian hate massages?

No she doesn't,Kim Kardashian said in a E interview that she loves any kind of messagaing. You learn more about Kim Kardashian at

Famous people born on October 21?

Kim Kardashian is one,

What was the famous person Ansel Adams took a picture of?

Kim Kardashian

Why is Kim Kardashian Still Famous?

She's Mooching Off Her Family

Does Kim Kardashian smoke?

There is no evidence which suggests that Kim Kardashian is a smoker.