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Wish I knew; does he sound Canadian?

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Q: Who is male in txu energy commercial?
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Who sings txu energy commercial song?

Camille Cortinas did one a few years ago.

What is the physical address for TXU Energy corporate headquarters?

TXU Headquarters6555 Sierra DriveIrving, Texas 75039

What is the phone number for txu energy in dallas tx?

See the contact information on the TXU website:

Who is a trustworthy commercial electricity supplier?

There many trustworthy electricity providers. The quality of service depends on which companies are in your area. Providers such as TXU, Direct Energy, and many more.

How would one go along to pay a txu bill?

"You can pay your TXU Energy bill online, by mail, or in person at a TXU payment location. For more information go on the site itself. As they are the ones that do know."

Is oncor an affiliate of txu?

Today, as a result of the merger in 2007 by which TXU (now Energy Future Holdings Corp. or EFH) was acquired by private investors, Oncor is operated as a separatecompanyand is "ring-fenced" from its majority investor EFH and its main operating subsidiaries, Luminant and TXU Energy.

What is the physical address for TXU Energy in Dallas TX?

You can go to Hoovers to find physical addresses. TXU Energy physical address is 1601 Bryan St. Dallas TX 75201-3430.

What is the ticker symbol for TXU?

TXU, now renamed Energy Future Holdings Corp., is a privately-held company and as such has no publicly-traded stock. TXU was taken private by Goldman Sachs, KKR, and Texas Pacific Group on October 10, 2007.

What is the physical address for TXU Energy in Houston TX?

9902 Myrtle Field Lane Houston, TX 77044

What are some good alternatives to First Choice Power?

Alternatives to the Texan energy supplier First Choice Power are the following companies who operate in Texas: Just Energy, TXU Energy, Reliant Energy and Ambit Energy.

In which state can the company TXU Electric be found?

TXU Electric is located in the State of Texas. The company claims to have a thermostat that can save a home owner $360 over a two year period. There are good and bad reviews of TXU Electric.

Which company offers better electrical service, TXU or Reliant?

Reading some reviews and forum posts, it looks like Reliant has a slightly better reputation than TXU, but TXU looks like a fine choice for an electricity provider.