Who is madeline plumlee?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Madeline Plumlee is the younger sister of Miles and Mason Plumlee, two duke Basketball players, and Marshal Plumlee, a senior at Christ School who has committed to Duke for basketball.

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Q: Who is madeline plumlee?
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How tall is Chris Plumlee?

Chris Plumlee is 6'.

When did Sybil Plumlee die?

Sybil Plumlee died on 2012-01-06.

When was Sybil Plumlee born?

Sybil Plumlee was born on 1911-04-29.

When was Marshall Plumlee born?

Marshall Plumlee was born on 1992-07-14.

When was Miles Plumlee born?

Miles Plumlee was born on 1988-09-01.

How tall is Miles Plumlee?

NBA player Miles Plumlee is 6'-11''.

When was Mason Plumlee born?

Mason Plumlee was born on 1990-03-05.

When was William Robert Plumlee born?

William Robert Plumlee was born in 1937.

What NBA team does Mason Plumlee play for?

Mason Plumlee plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

What position does Miles Plumlee play?

Miles Plumlee plays center for the Phoenix Suns.

What NBA team does Miles Plumlee play for?

Miles Plumlee plays for the Phoenix Suns.

Is there a plumlee girl?

if you are referring to Mason, Miles and Marshall Plumlee, they do have a younger sister named Madison