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Ma. Rosario B. Soriano or to the people who knows her(personal or not) is fondly called 'CHARO'. She's ONE GREAT VOLLEYBALL PLAYER because, she can do different kind of attacks. She has a variety of shots. And one important thing that for me, other players should also have, is to PLAY WITH HEART. She doesn't give up easily. Even if sometimes she experience an injury, if she thinks that she can play, she will really insist to play with her team. CHARO's not only beautiful(she's been even tagged as the VOLLEYBALL GODDESS), but she really can show you how much heart she has in playing, and by doing the best that she can give to her team, ATENEO. CHARO is beautiful, smart, optimistic. She proved that she only doesn't have good looks, but she can really play. And almost all the people who are a fan of volleyball knows her. She's ONE of the MOST POPULAR VOLLEYBELLE (if not the most popular). And i know that some of the rookies in volleyball idolizes her, or wants to be like her. CHARO iS REALLY ONE OF THE BEST.!

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Q: Who is ma.rosario charo soriano?
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