Who is lalo quintero?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lalo is short for Eduardo in spanish. The name is commonplace unless you're speaking of Lalo Quintero - Mendeivel, aka 'el zorro de sinaloa'. This is a drug trafficker from Mexican state of sinaloa (drug capital of Mexico) who worked for the Sinaloa Cartel in the nineties. There are 'corridos' Mexican songs about him and how he came from the u.s. to take over once his uncles were killed or locked up . Hes just another drug trafficker that's probably dead by now.

Lalo is indeed a nickname. In this case, Lalo Quintero (actual name is Mendevil) was also known as El Zorro de Sinaloa, El Indio de Los Mochis (a town in Sinaloa) due to his 'Indian' roots, even though he was born in Los Angeles. He worked for the Sonora Cartel which was swallowed up by the bigger Sinaloa Cartel in the late 90s. He actually was apprehended by the feds in 2000 and hasn't been heard of since around that time. The drug cartels don't have the same structure in today world, it's more out of control.

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Q: Who is lalo quintero?
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