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Q: Who is jb mauneys daughter mom?
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What is jb mauneys sisters name?


When is JB Mauneys Birthday?

January 9, 1987

What is jb mauneys girlfriends name?

jb and his girlfriend broke up in November and her name was shay im pretty sure jb is single

What is jb mauneys real first name?

Well, I know how 'is name goes. James Burton Mauney.

What is jb's mom's name?

jb's mom's name is PATTIE

Does Selena's mom like jb?

No i bet she doesnt.

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there is no daughter older then her mom "84"

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you can call him your nephew if you are mom's daughter's sibling or if you will be the mom you can call him your grandson.

How is your mom related to your granddad?

Your mom is your grandad's daughter, daughter-in-law, or stepdaughter.

Does nick Jonas' friend Maya tour with jb?

Yes she does, her and her mom go with them. Maya's mom is the Jonas Brothers family assistant.

Justin Bieber real mom die after she had jb?

no she is still alive and lives in atlanta with him

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Daughter in law(