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No he wants to concentrate on hes football

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Q: Who is jack rodwell girlfriend?
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What is the birth name of Jack Rodwell?

Jack Rodwell's birth name is Jack Christian Rodwell.

What nicknames does Jack Rodwell go by?

Jack Rodwell goes by Rodders.

What is Jack Rodwell's birthday?

Jack Rodwell was born on March 11, 1991.

When was Jack Rodwell born?

Jack Rodwell was born on March 11, 1991.

How old is Jack Rodwell?

Jack Rodwell is 20 years old (birthdate: March 11, 1991).

Is Jack Rodwell Brazilian?

he is an English player.

For which domestic club does midfielder Jack Rodwell play?


What school did Jack Rodwell go to?

Farnborough primary school southport

What is the birth name of Richard Rodwell?

Richard Rodwell's birth name is Richard Barrington Rodwell.

When was The Koran - Rodwell - created?

The Koran - Rodwell - was created in 1861.

When was Eric Rodwell born?

Eric Rodwell was born in 1957.

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