Who is grady lee howard?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Grady Lee Howard (1956-2012) was an actor, politician and progressive activist.

He was married to Gladiola Victrola, a stage lighting designer. Grady Lee styled himself a Neoabolitioist opposing wage slavery and debt peonage. He believed employees should own and manage the enterprises in which they were employed. Grady was a Little Person (dwarfism) due to a medical error in childhood and attained only 40 inches in height weighing at most 65 lbs. He died unexpectedly of chronic health complications at the Eugene O'Neal Theater in New York City while accompanying his wife on a work assignment. He was cremated and his ashes sprinkled on a California beach near San Luis Obispo where he was born. He is best remembered as child actor in sitcoms and European art films, and a spokesperson in many commercials. His last roll was as a miniature boxer in "Boardwalk Empire." Two NC filmmakers created a puppet based on Howard with his consent and collaboration and it continues to appear in avant-garde settings.

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Q: Who is grady lee howard?
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Yes, His mother Ellen (Beckenholdt) was the sister of Ron's father Rance Howard. Grady is illegitimate and his paternity has never been determined. Howard Hughes and /or hillbilly deejay Grady Cole are suspected. Grady is often mistaken for cousin Clint in child roles from 1960s sitcoms. "The Tin Drum" (Oscar) is his signature role. He has had adult roles in Europe such as Andre in "The Blue Door" (1992). Grady Lee Howard suffers from dwarfism due to a medical error.

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