Who is freddy crouger?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Freddy Krueger is the villain in the Horror Movie Franchise Nightmare on Elm Street.

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Q: Who is freddy crouger?
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Which villain appeard in the nightmare on elm street series?

Freddy Crouger

Did Johnny Depp play Freddie crouger on nightmare on elm street?

No, he played Nancy's boyfriend Glen in the original film. For the remake, the man playing Freddy was an actor named Jackie Haley, who is best known and loved for playing Rorschach in the film adaptation of "Watchmen".

Who is Michael barton-harborne of the UK does anyone know who is he really?

He is a con man. He sets up bogus businesses and rips people off.He looks a bit like freddy crouger as he has a burnt face. I haven't seen him for about 27 years but my brother has been conned by him a few years ago when he gave him a cheque that bounced!!

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