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Q: Who is freddies first kiss off iCarly?
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What is freddies real name off of icarly?

Nathan Kress.

What is freddies whole name off of iCarly?

Fredward Benson

What is freddies real names off Icarly?

Freddie Benson is played by the actor Nathan Kress.

Where does Carlys dad off iCarly work?

On iCarly, Carlys dad is in the Army in Europe.

Who was George Sampson's first kiss?

I donnt kno who his first kiss was buut i got off with him once in a game of spin the bottle. x

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First off, what? Second, I guess Sakura would have wanted to kiss Sasuke when she had a crush on him...which was the entire first series.

Who is nevel off of iCarly?

he likes Carly

Who is Spencer?

Spencer is someone off of icarly

What is Carly's name off iCarly?

The Carly in "icarly" is the name of the main character. She is played by Miranda Cosgrove.

Who is Carly off of iCarly dating?

In iCarly she doesn't have a boyfriend but I don't think she has a boyfriend in real life

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