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Alexis Tomlinson

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Alexis Tomlinson, 13 years old

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Q: Who is female surfer in united health care commercial?
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Who is the actress who portrays the mother of the asthmatic surfer girl in the United Healthcare commercial who sort of resembles a young Julie Hagerty?

Cloris Leachman

Who is the actress in the united health care commercial?

The daughter with asthma is Alexis Tomlinson

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Who is the actor in the united health care commercial motorcycle?

Some young girl with an amazing little bootie.

Who is the motorcycle rider in united health care commercial?

That is the Easy Rider guy man Peter Fonda

What is the music playing in the United Healthcare Surfer Girl ad?

'charlie don't surf' originally by the clash..........funeral for a friend gives you the closest rip to the commercial.........who did the instrumental version for the commercial is unknown or "Charlie Don't Surf" instrumental version performed by surf band Pollo Del Mar

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Who is the surfer girl in the united healthcare commercial?

The question refers to the TEEN GIRL who is boogie-boarding, not the mother. Thanks. I would like to hire her for legitimate acting opportunities. Please list the acting/modeling agency if known.

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