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Mark Henry isn't fatter mark has muscle .big daddy v is mostly fat and flubber

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2009-09-21 10:26:10
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Q: Who is fatter mark Henry or big daddy v?
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Are Big Daddy V and Mark Henry related?


Is Mark Henry Big Daddy v brother?

no they are not but there both FAT!l ol

Is mark Henry is big daddy v son?

Yes. A 100 percent correct. As you go on youtube you see that when they both get into the ring they don't fight each other. They sorta bow to each other. Also if you listen to the video closey mark Henry says dad I'm not gonna fight you end of story. So all of you mark Henry & Big daddy v fans are right. END OF STORY =)

Is Mark Henry heavier then the Big Show?

no mark henry is not

Will the big show get revenge on mark henry?

He already has, each time Big Show and Mark Henry fought, Big Show won clearly. The question should be will Mark Henry get his revenge on Big Show? The answer is probably not. Big Show is 507 pounds but Mark Henry is only 411 pounds ,and Big Show is 7"1' and Mark Henry is simply 6"6'.

Who would win mark henry or big show?

Of course mark henry.

Who would win in a match Kane or Big Daddy vs big show or Mark Henry?

Big Show has got more opportunities to defeat them all. in comparing to Big daddy & Mark Henry, He is larger and faster. In comparing to Kane he is larger and stronger; also Kane is not agile and smart enough to over come. The main problem is Khali who is larger and may be stronger than Big Show; How ever Big show has defeated him to prove that he is totally greater, meaner and smarter than Punjab hero.

Who is better big show or mark Henry?

Mark Henry, isn't he the world's strongest man? So in my opinion mark Henry is better

Are there any diabetics in pro wrestling?

Yes there is including the Big Show, and Mark Henry. Mark Henry is diabetic but Big Show is not!

How much is the combined weight of Big Show and Mark Henry?

The combined weight of Big Show and Mark Henry is 853lbs (387kg). With Big Show's weight being 441lbs (200kg) and Mark Henry's being 412lbs (187kg).

Who is stronger Big Show or Mark Henry?

big show

Who is stonger big show or mark Henry?

Big Show

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