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Dan McNay the Bass Guitar player

"Music became a passion at an early age." "In 1974 at the age of 6, my Mom took me to my first concert." "The band was Three Dog Night. They were performing at the Concord Pavilion." "I remember looking at the stage & all the people and realizing the powerful effects of music." "From that point forward, music became a great significance to me and my life."

Dan McNay was born on June 14th, 1968 in Oakland, Ca. First son of Donald McNay & Janet McNay-Daly. He grew up in an environment filled with bean-bag chairs, stacks of great records, tambourines, dancing in the living room, peace & love.

Dan became a bass player by the age of 14 and never looked back.. By the time he was 17 yrs old, he was in a touring cover band learning his chops, while making a living. " I was always the young guy in the band. They gave me the nickname "Pup".

"I wasn't old enough to get in the places I played, so I would wait outside in between sets". "I was lucky enough to play with an experienced drummer early on. His name was Charlie McGimsy. He played with Stone Ground & Tommy Tutone. He was instrumental in teaching me how to lock in with the drums & groove."

In 2002, Dan was presented with a "Sammy "Award (Sacramento Music Award) as the areas best bass player.

Dan McNay has Recorded, Performed, Toured or published with such artists as Frank Simes (Don Henley) , Earl Slick (David Bowie), Terri Nunn (Berlin, Camp Freddy), Michael Lee Firkins, Frank Hannon Band, Tesla, & Montrose.

Dan McNay has also co-produced albums with David Holman (No Doubt, Adema, Bush), and Davey Johnstone (Elton John, Davey Johnstone Band, Call Me Crazy), & Joe Johnston (Cake, Deftones, Slow Lorries).

Dan McNay is best known as the touring bass player for Ronnie Montrose.

Dan McNay is currently endorsed by :

- Aguilar Amplification

- Hartke Amplification

- Schecter Basses

- Dean Markley Bass Strings

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Q: Who is dan mcnay the bass player?
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