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Do you mean his real girlfriend on the show it Sonny but if you were really really looking for the answer check in magazines

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Q: Who is chad Dylan coopers girlfriend in real life?
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Is there a person named Chad Dylan Cooper?

There is on Sonny with a Chance. As for in real life, you never know.

Will Zack ever get a girlfriend on the suite life on deck?

Yes Zack (Dylan Sprouse) will get a girlfriend its going to be me. >.< :)

Who plays Zack's girlfriend on the suite life on deck?

Zack's real name is Dylan Sprouse. His brothr, Cody, in real life is Cole Sprouse.

What is Chad Dylan Cooper's real name on Sonny With a Chance?

Name in Real Life : Sterling Knightand this is true very true thank u!But, if you are talking about the show, then Tawni reveals that she worked with Chad when they were six and his real name is Chad Dylan Goldfarb. I'm 99.9% sure that this was in the "Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star" episode, when Chad guest stars on So Random! for the "Hot E.M.T." sketch after the other guest star cancels.

Does Chad faust have a girlfriend?

As of my last update, there is no publicly available information confirming Chad Faust's relationship status or whether he has a girlfriend. Personal relationships are often kept private by celebrities, so it is best to respect their privacy in this matter.

What did susie cooper do in her life?

In Susie Coopers life she designed and painted pottery!

Who is Chad Knaus's girlfriend?

Bruna Oliveira, from Brazil, the couple split late in 2008 after becoming engaged after 5 years of a loving relationship. During the engagement, Chad met Lisa Rockelmann who set her sights on Chad. She went after him regardless of his engaged status to Bruna. She single handly set out to destroy their relationship. It got Lisa the fat cat life she always dreamed of in August of 2010 when Chad moved her to NC to live with him. Lisa Rockelmann is Chad's current girlfriend. The biggest gold digger to ever walk the Nascar garage area. Lisa now resides in Cornelius, NC with Chad. Lisa and Chad are living together to plan for their future as a family. Lisa was born in Colorado, worked in Chicago, IL Lisa adores the life that Chad's financial situation is giving her in Cornelius and Davidson, NC area. Lisa will remain by Chad's side for the rest of his life, she has ensured her future as his soon to be wife.

Which part does Dylan play in the suite life?

Dylan plays Zach on the Suite Life.

What did coopers make in the colonial times?

Take about there future and there life style and

What are Dylan and coles full names?

Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse and Dylan is Zack on the Suite life of Zack and Cody and the suite life on deck

Chad real name is in Sonny With a Chance?

His name in real life is Chad

Chad needs a life?