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She played a patient on Scrubs who was dying from I think Huntingtons' disease.

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Q: Who is brunette in cascade commercial looks so familiar?
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Who is the brunette in the Direct TV Time's Up commercial Note this commercial is not the one with Tanya Memme but rather a 20 something brunette who looks really familiar?

I think she is Sarah Kozinn of Yoplait polka dot bikini fame. If not, she looks like Sarah's twin sister.

Who is the actor in the comcast 'check your speed' commercial?

he looks familiar i think he was on the sopranos

Who is the actor in the Subaru Impreza 200000 Miles commercial?

Looks familiar, is it Toby Meuli?

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she looks familiar. she has a really long neck

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The younger brother in the commercial really looks familiar... I am almost positive that I have seen him in some other tv show or movie... if anyone knows pleas email me at

Who is brunette in DanActive commercial?

If its the same commercial I am thinking about, and the brunette has a son and daughter...she sure looks and sounds like Kelly Preston...but with much darker hair. I'm not 100% positive and have tried to find this out myself with no luck. I thought it looked a lot like Julie Bentz Just found out it is spelled Julie Benz...

What outfit looks hot on a brunette?

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it looks like the Actress Jennifer Grace that stars in Casserole Dish and also stars in the off broadway play Our Town.

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His name is David Banks. I saw him at the groundlings. I'm not sure who the girl is but she looks very familiar.

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she looks better blond