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My girlfriend is a huge Goldberg fan so this has come up (Mine was The Rock or Goldberg) so I have to remember to answer this UNBIASED.

Statistically speaking, Even though Batista has 201 WWE wins which is as many wins as Goldberg's entire career (168 WCW, 28 WWE, 3 Etc.), he also is the owner of 126 WWE Losses. Goldberg has only lost 24 times in his career. 21 of them being WCW.

So... Let's look at the big picture, if Goldberg and Batista came back for a one night only fight promoted by WWE, he's only lost 3 times and Batista has a 47.69% win probability. Goldberg's probability is 78.95%. My money's on Goldberg.

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Answer 1: Batista

Answer 2: Goldberg has proved he is much more talented then batista. Goldberg is stronger, faster, and as far as i can remember he has hardly lost a match

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Q: Who is better batista or goldberg?
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