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Katrina Kaif herself is a good actor. There is nothing called best actor of Katrina Kaif. She had some great co-partners in movie as well.

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sharukhan is the best actor oh and my favoraite movie made by sarukhan

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Salman Khan

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Q: Who is best actor of Hindi movies?
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Who is the best actor in hindi movies?

Abhishek Bachchan

Rajesh khanna is the actor of hindi movies?


Who is Sumeet Raghavan?

An actor in Hindi movies and TV

What is the best Hindi movie?

Tumbad and Bulbul are the best movies I have ever watched in Hindi. These movies are the best examples where screenplay and writing are the heroes and the actors are extremely talented.

What movies what movies swept best actor actress and suppoting actor and actress and best movie?

No movie won all four acting categories.

How is salman Khan?

he is hot actor and his movies are the best

Who is the best actor for mob movies?

Al pacino

What are torrents and how to download them which is the best site to download Hindi movies?

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What is the main language in the Bollywood movies?

Hindi is the main language of Bollywood Movies. All the movies are made in Hindi. There might a mixture of other languages like Punjabi with Hindi.

How many Hindi movies has Kamal Hassan acted in?

Kamal Hassan is credited as an actor in 168 titles, but these include guest appearances and cameos.

Where is it possible to view free online Hindi movies?

Join4movies allows one to watch free Hindi movies online. One can also watch many free Hindi and Bollywood movies for free on the websites ApnaView and watch-hindi-movies.

Who is the top Actor at present in Indian Hindi film?

The actor at the top of Indian cinema is SRK if popularity is taken. If the content is taken, then it is Aamir Khan. It is due to his selected movies.