Who is becky orton?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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she is randy ortons sister.

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Q: Who is becky orton?
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What is randy orton's sister's name?

Becky Orton.

Who are Randy Orton's brothers?

He has a brother, Nathan Orton, and a sister, Becky Orton.

Who is Tiffany Orton?

Randy Orton's sister Randy Orton has one sister and her name is Becky not Tiffany he is not related to Tiffany Orton.

Are Randy Orton and Kyle Orton brothers?

yes He has one sister Becky and One brother Nate

Does Randy Orton have any siblings?

yeah he has a sister (Becky) that is 21 and a brother (Nathan) that is 16.

What are the names of the members of Randy Orton's family?

Randy Orton's father is "Cowboy" Bob Orton. He was also a WWE wrestlerin the 1980's. His mother is called Elaine and his brother is called Nathan. He also has a sister called Becky. Randy is the oldest child in his family.

How many sisters do Randy Orton have?

Randy has a 21 year old sister named Becky. Other than that he has a brother named Nathan.

Who are randy ortons cousins?

Scott-Danylson Orton Clarence Omarion Orton Cody Orton Matthew Orton Charlie Orton Fass Orton Damon Orton

What are the lyrics to Baby got back?

Becky: Becky: Becky: Becky:

What nicknames does Becky Mezzanotte go by?

Becky Mezzanotte goes by Becky, and Becky Mezz.

Who is randy orton's father?

Randy Orton's dad is Cowboy Bob Orton.

Is bob orton and Randy Orton family?

Yes, Cowboy Bob Orton is Randy Orton's dad.