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Shymlal Gupth - Author of Zhanda ooncha

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Q: Who is author of jhanda uncha song?
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You want to hear the song bharat scout guide jhanda uncha sada rahega?

very good song

Who is writer of jhanda ucha rahe hamara?

The writer of the patriotic poem "Jhanda Uncha Rahe Hamara" is Shyamlal Parshad. He was a freedom fighter and poet who wrote this poem to express his love for the Indian tricolor flag.

What is the population of Uncha Siwana?

Uncha Siwana's population is 10,609.

Who has written jhanda geet?

The Jhanda Geet, India's national flag anthem, was written by Shyamlal Gupta 'Parshad'.

What is the Hindi word for flag?


Is Ketaki Mategaonkar working in Uncha Maza Zoka?

No she is not.

When did Jhanda Singh Dhillon die?

Jhanda Singh Dhillon died in 1774.

What is the name of Indian flag?

Tiranga Jhanda The tricolour flag

Author of A boy's song?

The author of A Boy's Song is James Hogg.

Who is the author of the book A New Song?

Jan Karon is the author of A New Song

Who is the author of the book A song of blood and sword?

Fatima Bhutto is the author of the book Song of Blood and Sword

What has the author Sham Song Ng written?

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