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It's Lindsey Kelley, currently on "The Price Is Right" (see

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Q: Who is actress in Trace Adkins swing video?
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Who is actress in Trace adkins video Rough and ready?

The actress is Jennifer Lee Wiggins, she played in Shapeshifter and Bled.

Who is the truck driver in Trace Adkins video?

If you are speaking of the video for the song "Hauling One Thing", according to the New York Times, it is Trace Adkins himself playing the character speeding home in his truck.

Who plays the truck driver in Trace Adkins Muddy Waters Video?

Stephen Baldwin

Who was the actress in Trace Adkins chrome video?

Lisa Ligon, she played in "Chrome", "One Hot Mama" and "Play Something Country". She also started a dancing group called "Purrfect Angelz".

Who is the guy in Trace Adkins video muddy water that is being baptized?

Where is the church in Trace Adkins music video Muddy Waters?

Bethlehem United Methodist Church, Clarksville, TN.

Who is the red-headed girl with the white blouse in Trace Adkins video called Ladies Love Country Boys?

The red-headed girl with the white blouse in Trace Adkins "Ladies Love Country Boys" music video is Elizabeth Shea. She is a singer-songwriter who is a part of the duo 2CARATS.

Where was Trace Adkins video Ladies love country boys filmed?


Who is the red head who is in the beginning of the Trace Adkins video ladies love country boys?

Singer/Songwriter Elizabeth Shea (member of the duo 2CARATS)

Who are the actresses in trace adkins ladies like country boys video?

I know one of the actreses who played one of the goth girls is this one:

When did Swing - video game - happen?

Swing - video game - happened in 1997.

When was Swing - video game - created?

Swing - video game - was created in 1997.