Who is actor named Oliver?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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oliver twist oliver twist

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Q: Who is actor named Oliver?
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When did David Oliver - actor - die?

David Oliver - actor - died on 1992-11-12.

When was Oliver Wyman - actor - born?

Oliver Wyman - actor - was born on 1966-07-20.

When was David Oliver - actor - born?

David Oliver - actor - was born on 1962-01-31.

When was Oliver Smith - actor - born?

Oliver Smith - actor - was born on 1952-05-29.

When was Oliver Lee - actor - born?

Oliver Lee - actor - was born on 1986-02-14.

What is Oliver Hardy's occupation?

Oliver Hardy is a/an Actor

Is the town of Wolcott named after Oliver Wolcott?

The town of Wolcott,Connecticut is named after Oliver Wolcott and his son Oliver Wolcott Jr.

Who was the actor who played Bill Sykes in the movie Oliver?

Oliver reed!

American actor Oliver Hudson was born where?

The American actor Oliver Hudson was born on September 7, 1976 in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of actress Goldie Hawn and actor/singer Bill Hudson.

Who is oliver James dating right now?

Who the actor Oliver James is dating is his own business, not to be pried upon.

Who plays the guy that cant live without water and is on the squad with Bart and oliver queen from Smallville the show?

The guy that cannot live without water is called Arthur "A.C." Curry and is also known as Aquaman and in the Smallville series he is played by an actor named Alan Michael Ritchson and the actor that plays Oliver Queen also known as The Green Arrow was played by an another that is named Justin Scott Hartley.

What famous actor was John Wilkes Booth named after?

He was not named after an actor. He was named after John Wilkes, a famous British revolutionary.