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The Rock may look stronger and tougher but looks aren't everything as they say.

They are both pretty strong.

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John Cena benches more he can bench 505 the rock most the he can bench is 425.

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Q: Who is a stronger John Cena or the rock?
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Who is the strong John cena or the rock?

to tell you the truth John Cena is stronger

Who is stronger the rock or John Cena?

(2011 wrestling match) We don't know exactly who is stronger, John Cena or The Rock. We have to see the fight at Wrestlemania first. Whoever wins is stronger. Good Luck, You too,!

Who won in a match john cena or the miz?

The miz won john cena but.he cheat with the the real john cena is stronger than the rock and the miz these two are stupid john cena is stronger one and randy orton believe me.

Is ryback stronger than cena?

i believe john cena is stronger i mean common ryback is cool and all but honestly cesaro and the rock seem stronger than ryback.

Who is stronger John Cena or betska?

i think john cena is stronger

Is The Rock jealous of john cena?

hell yes john cena is better than the rock and way stronger boy are you ever wrong. Dwayne Johnson is not jealous of anyone!! Much less John Cena!! Get real.

Who is stronger batista or the rock?

Well I think john cena is stronger because who can pick up the Big show and edge at the same time. Also hes hotter. I just hate him. Any way john cena is stronger and hotter that's why hes stronger. And he WON against Batista so that tell the truth.

Who is Stronger John Cena or John Morrison?

john cena

Who is stronger john cena or Cody Rhodes?

John Cena

Who is stronger John Cena or Kurt Angle?

Definitely John Cena.

Is Jeff hardy stronger than john cena?

No,jeff hardy hardy is not stronger than john cena.

Who wins john cena or the rock?

John Cena