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They are known as "disc jockeys" (or DJs)

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Q: Who is a person who announces music played on radio?
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What do you call a person who announces music played on the radio?


What do you called a person who announces music play on the radio?

DJ or Disc Jockey

A person who annouces music played on the radio?

That's a DJ - short for disc jockey.

Do bands pay to get their music played on the radio?

No they get paid to have their songs played on the radio!!!

What genre of music is played by the Planet Radio radio station?

The genre of music played by the Planet Radio radio station is usually indie music. This allows the public to find emerging artists and also gives emerging artists the opportunity for success.

What is difference between Disk jockey and Radio jockey?

RJ is the person who plays live music on radio while DJ is a person who plays music in any club

What radio station is Lady Gaga on?

Her music is played on almost every radio station. =)

What music is played on the Studio 1430 radio station?

There is a large variety of music which is played on the Studio 1430 radio station. The types of music are easy listening, big band, early classics and broadway.

What is a another name for a song played on an automobile radio?


Can iPod music be played on vehicle radio?

yes if it can conect

What radio station has traditionally played corresponding music to the Detroit Fireworks?

The music played during the fireworks display on the Detroit side can be heard on the radio in Windsor, at, AM760 WJR.

What do you get if you cross a pin a radio and a balloon?

A Radio on a string The Answer: Pop music! (p.s. I was the person who asked this question)

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