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All of the following are living in Washington or have lived in Washington:

  • Bill Gates
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Elton Bennett
  • Trisha Brown
  • Mark Bruene
  • Jeff Burlingame
  • Andrew Boeing
  • Paul Allen
  • Bing Crosby
  • Gary Larson
  • Richard Karn

    Burl Ives lived in Anacortes, WA

    Oleta Adams singer

    Sherman Alexie, Jr. author

    Paul Allen Microsoft co-founder

    Howard Averill baseball player

    Jerry Baldwin founder Starbucks

    Bob Barker television host

    Drew Bledsoe football player

    William Bolcom composer, pianist

    Gordon Bowker founder Starbucks

    Linda Buck scientist, nobel prize winner

    Dyan Cannon actress

    Jerry Cantrell guitarist, songwriter

    Chester F. Carlson inventor

    Raymond Carver short story writer, poet

    James Caviezel actor

    Ron Cey baseball player

    Carol Channing actress

    Dale Chihuly glass sculptor

    Erika Christensen actress

    Kurt Cobain guitarist, singer, songwriter

    Judy Collins singer

    Jeff Conine baseball player

    Chris Cornell guitarist, singer, songwriter

    Fred Couples golfer

    Bing Crosby singer, actor

    Merce Cunningham choreographer, dancer

    Gail Devers olympic athlete

    Corey Dillon football player

    Howard Duff actor

    Jennifer Dunn politician

    Seattle Dwamish suquamish Indian chief

    Frances Farmer actress

    Bill Gates Microsoft so-founder

    Richard F. Gordon astronaut

    Kenneth Gorelock saxophonist

    Jimi Hendrix guitarist

    Frank Herbert author

    Robert Joffrey choreographer

    Kitty Kelley author

    Hank Ketcham cartoonist

    Sam Kinison comedian, actor

    Richard "Rick" Larsen politician

    Gary Larson cartoonist

    Gypsy Rose Lee actress

    Blake Lewis singer

    Kenny Loggins singer, songwriter

    Kyle MacLachlan actor

    Phil Mahre world cup champion skier

    Kevin McCarthy actor

    Mary McCarthy author

    Guthrie McClintic producer, director

    Darren McGavin actor

    John McIntire actor

    Duff McKagan musician, bassist

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan actor

    Mark Morris dance choreographer

    Robert Motherwell artist

    Patrice Munsel soprano

    Patty Murray politician

    Edward R. Murrow journalist (born in N.C.)

    Patrice Munsel soprano

    Craig T. Nelson actor

    Billy North baseball player

    Mark O'Connor violinist

    Apolo Anton Ohno olympic gold medalist skater

    John Olerud baseball player

    Stacie Orrico singer, songwriter

    Robert Osborne actor, film historian

    Stephen S. Oswald astronaut

    Ryne Sandberg baseball player

    Ron Santo baseball player, sportscaster

    Francis "Dick" Scobee astronaut

    Zev Siegl founder Starbucks

    Smohalla Indian prophet, chief

    Layne Staley singer

    Ryan Stiles comedian

    John Stockton Basketball player

    Hillary Swank actress

    Earl Torgeson baseball player

    Jennifer Warnes singer, songwriter

    Adam West actor

    Sammy White baseball player

    Ann and Nancy Wilson singers, songwriters (Heart)

    Martha Wright singer

    Audrey Wurdemann poet, Pulitzer Prize winner

    Don't forget RICHARD KARN actor, game show host, golfer

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peg kerhet author of runaway twin and earthquake terror,, Bing Crosby , actor. singer from Spokane, Washington .Apolo Ohno a speed skater, karan brar a actor, gabe kubanda a singer, Bill Gates,, Kurt Cobain

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Washington state was admitted to the union on November 11, 1889. Famous people from Washington state include Bob Barker, James Caviezel, and musician Michael Carke.

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Some celebrities who were born in Washington state are Rainn Wilson, Bill Gates, Macklemore, and Chris Cornell. Others include Jimi Hendrix and Nick Thune.

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Many people have called Washington state home. Some of the celebrities who have called Washington home are Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, and George Clooney.

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Three people who were born in Washington are Bill gates ( born in Seattle ) Bing Crosby ( born in Tacoma) and Chester Carlson ( born in Seattle )

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Bella Swan and Edward Cullen



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Bill Gates, John Nordstrom, Jimi Hendrix -born in Seattle wash, Bing Crosby - born in Spokane wash, Quincy Jones born in wash. , Dyan Cannon from Wash, John Elway Born in wash.

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Dixie lee ray

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