Who is Tommy Santorelli?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tommy Santorelli is a character from the sandlot 3 who is played by keanu Pires and adult Tommy by Luke Perry and is not a real Baseball player

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Q: Who is Tommy Santorelli?
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What is the name of Tommy from the sandlot 3?

Tommy Santorelli played by Luke Perry.

Is Tommy santorelli real?

well no one knows really ?or maybe someone does but the world is full of mysterys

When was Mark Santorelli born?

Mark Santorelli was born on 1988-08-06.

When was Mike Santorelli born?

Mike Santorelli was born on 1985-12-14.

How tall is Mike Santorelli?

NHL player Mike Santorelli is 6'-01''.

What NHL team does Mike Santorelli play for?

Mike Santorelli plays for the Vancouver Canucks.

What position does Mike Santorelli play?

Mike Santorelli plays center for the Vancouver Canucks.

What is Mike Santorelli's number on the Vancouver Canucks?

Mike Santorelli is number 25 on the Vancouver Canucks.

Does Mike Santorelli shoot right or left?

NHL player Mike Santorelli shoots right.

How much does Mike Santorelli weigh?

NHL player Mike Santorelli weighs 189 pounds.

Where was Mike Santorelli born?

Mike Santorelli was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on 12-14-85.

What has the author Luisa Santorelli written?

Luisa Santorelli has written: 'Capitoli sulla teoria hegeliana dello stato'