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The Doctor is the last of the Timelords, from the long running BBC si-fi series "Doctor Who".

The Timelords were a race from the planet Gallifrey. During the Last Great Time War, between the Daleks and the Timelords, The Daleks, Gallifrey and the rest of the Timelords were Destroyed. The Doctor was instrumental in the destruction thereby bringing the end of the War.

The Doctor doesn't hate his planet, but has instead, been involved in a long debate with his people about the nature of the Timelord's place in the universe. This disagreement was the genesis for The Doctors travelling lifestyle.

In 'The End of Time', we see scenes from the Time War, as the Time Lord president Rassilon prepares to shift Gallifrey itself out of the Time War, to modern day Earth. Here we learn that Time Lord society had become brutal and bloodthirsty over the course of the ceaseless war against the Daleks. Their own plan was 'the end of time itself', to destroy all of creation and for the Time Lords to ascend. This, the Doctor explained, is why he had to destroy his own people too, and never let them return.

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There was a Great Time War between 2 races. The Time lords and the Daleks. The war lasted for thousands of years before The War Doctor (400 years younger than matt smith's doctor) decided to detonate The Moment. The Moment is a weapon of mass destruction created by the Time lords. And the Doctor used it to end the Time War. Before he was consumed by The Moment's power, he stole one of the timeships from the Time lords to flee his planet, Gallifrey. Wiping out the Time lords and nearly the Daleks. The Doctor never hated his planet, but destroyed the Planet in hopes of saving more lives in the process. Now he is the last of the Time lords. Travelling through Time and relative dimensions in space... Alone. He didn't want to see the same fate of other worlds, so he swore to defeat evil forces from harming innocent people and changing history. The Time lords had a power, called "Regeneration" which allowed them to cheat death by changing their appearance, gender, and voice. The reason his people didn't survive is because it all happened too fast for them to regenerate.

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Q: Who is The Doctor and why does he hate his planet?
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