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Terry Tate : Office Linebacker was a set of commercials for television which were created by Rawson Marshall Thurber. They were advertising the sports brand Reebok.

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Q: Who is Terry Tate Office Linebacker?
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Terrible Terry Tate was the Office Linebacker in a series of ads for whom?


What company does the commercial featuring Terry Tate Office Linebacker promote?

Reebok is the company featuring Terry Tate Office Linebacker. The campaign was designed to increase the recognition of the Reebok brand. A total of 9 episodes were made for the company.

Purchase a Terry Tate football jersey?

The "Terry Tate, Office Linebacker" jersey is no longer manufactured by Reebok, so the only places to find one would be places like ebay.

What is the name of the American footballer who did this TV adds about motivation and he would knock office employees over dressed in his football gear?

Terry Tate - office linebacker

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Terry Tate is a fictional character from the Reebok TV commercials that aired during the Superbowl portrayed by former American football player, professional wrestler and now actor Lester Speight.

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