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Taylor Lautner does not currently have a Girl Friend

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i heard that he was currently going out with Selena again, but that's just a rumor. So don't freak everyone there's still a chance!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Who is Taylor LautnerS girl friend?
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Is Dacota Fanning Taylor Lautners friend?


What was Taylor Lautners first acting job?

Taylor lautners first acting job was shark boy and lava girl

What is Taylor Lautners twitter name?

Taylor lautners twitter name is officialTL

What is taylor lautners favorite pet?

Taylor Lautners fave pet is a dog

Who is Taylor Lautners girl fren?

It was Taylor Swift, but they broke up recently according to US weekly magazine

What is Taylor Lautners favorite fruit?

Taylor Lautners favorite fruit is apple.I think.

What is Taylor Lautners dreamgurl like?

He wants a girl who is kind, funny and smart. A girl who he can have fun with. I never picture Taylor a very choosy guy.

What is Taylor Lautners type of girl?

On a recent interview Taylor Lautner <3 said his type of girl is somebody that can be a dork, can open up and be themselves, and be goofy

Who is Taylor Lautners girlfriend in 2010?

from 2010 to 2011 his girlfriend is Olivia, which is an ordinary sexy girl.

How could you find Taylor Lautners phone number?

i have his number, i got it of my cousins friend that is cousins with taylro :)

When is Taylor Lautners sister mekena birthday?

Taylor Lautners sister Mekena was born in may16 of 1999 !

Taylor Lautners favorite fruit?

ur moms face is Taylor lautners fav food foos