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Shay ''Buckeey'' Johnson from Flavor of love 2 is currently dating Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy.

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Q: Who is Shay ''Buckeey'' Johnson from Flavor of love 2 dating?
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Who does Lil Scrappy date right now?

Lil Scrappy is currently dating Shay ''Buckeey'' Johnson, from Flavor Of Love 2.

Who is shay buckeey Johnson?

Plies babymama

Do shay buckeey Johnson have kids?


Plies baby mama is the same shay buckeey jonhson from flavor of love?


How do you know that shay buckeey Johnson had plies baby?

oh believe me, I am 99.9 percent sure

Who is plies baby mother?


Who are the characters on the video Hypnotized?

Plies- as hisself Akon-as hisself girl #1- random girl girl #2(with hat)- Shay "Buckeey" Johnson girl #3-random girl Plies- as hisself Akon-as hisself girl #1- random girl girl #2(with hat)- Shay "Buckeey" Johnson girl #3-random girl

Is Plies dating Shay Johnson?

He was but they broke up.

What is Buckey' s real name from Flavor of Love 2?

shay Johnson

Is the artist known as plies married?

he is dating the love of his life; an unknown chick from Bentonia,Mississippi.That's just a rumor. He has dated her a couple years ago and she had his oldest son. His youngest son is by Shay "Buckeey" Johnson. He seems as if he isn't feeling Brandy, but he's definitely feeling Shay and he still wants to date her again.

Who is Plies's best baby mama?

The WikiAnswers crew have been around town asking people this question, and here's the results. Tikeda Noel-3% Miranda "Angelface" Williams-10% Brandy Norwood-5% Shay "Buckeey" Johnson-82% no homo, but ima have to go with shay because she has what the other girls don't have.

How can you go on a date with Plies?

call plies web club and ask for a date, or put on a shay buckeey Johnson costume and tell him that yall want to reconnect. lol but seriously, he only wants to date shay or any other girl that he's attracted to. so it's really going to be hard to go on a date with plies.