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she broke up with josh she's now dating Brandon loschiavo

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Q: Who is Shannon Wada currently dating?
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Is Josh Hutcherson dating Shannon Wada?

Not any longer.

Do Josh Hutcherson love shannon wada?

No? his not dating her anymore

Did shannon wada break up with josh?

yes they did break up but im dating josh

How old is Josh Hutcherson and his girlfriend shannon wada?

Yeah, but now he's dating someone named breanna

Who has Josh Hutcherson dated?

A girl named Shannon Wada who is a model/actress.and is now dating breanna mcquinn

Why are you saying that Josh Hutcherson is single and then your saying that he is going out with shannon wada?

He used to go out with shannon wada but not any more

Is Josh Hutcherson and shannon in love?

No, Shannon Wada cheated on him

What movies has actress Shannon Wada been in?

US actress Shannon Wada appeared in the short independent movie Fallback (2012).

Why did Josh Hutcherson break up with shannon Wada?

because shannon wada that girl is having an affair with someone because of that josh hutcherson hurts poor josh:( at last shannon wada and josh hutcherson BREAK-UP hahahaha

When is Shannon Wada's birthday?

US actress Shannon Marie Wada (former GF of Josh Hutcherson) was born December 11, 1991.

What is Shannon Wada's middle name?


What does shannon wada do for a living?

she is currently a model she does modeling all around the world..that is kinda hard for her BF Josh Hutcherson to see her a lot!