Who is Sean Cena?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sean Cena is John Cenas brother

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Q: Who is Sean Cena?
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Is Sean cena john cena's brother?

No. In fact, Sean John and John Cena aren't even related, nor have ever met. Sean John is a clothing company created by famous recording artist, Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Who is Jon cena's brother?

Jon cenas brother is Sean cena.

Who are John Cena brothers?

John Cena's brothers are Dan, Matt, Steve and Sean.His brothers are Dan, Matt, Steve, and Sean

How many brothers does Cena have?

John Cena has 4 brothers. Dan, Matt, Steve and Sean are his 4 brothers.

Does John Cena have brothers?

Dan, Matt, Steve and Sean

How meny brothers does john cena have?

John Cena has 4 brothers named Dan, Matt, Steve, And Sean

Who is john cena's youngest bro.sean cena?

Sean Cena is John cenas real life brother who once struggled with cancer before successfuly beat it

Who is older john Cena or dan Cena?

Steve, John ,Dan ,Matt ,Sean ....... Steve is his older half-brother

Who are John Cena's family members?

John Cena jr. is Itailian His parnets are John Cena sr. and Carol Cena he has four brothers. Matt , Dan, Steve and Sean. Trademark is his cousin .

Does john cena have a brothers who's name is antwan?

john cena has 4 brothers dan Matt Steve & Sean no antwan...

Do John Cena have any sister?

no john cena has no sisters but he has 4 brothers called Sean Mathew Danny and a mother i cant remember

Who is the oldest of john cena brothers?

John Cena's brothers names are : Dan, Matt, Steve and Sean.