Who is Sasori's partner?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Well his partners(teamates) are Temari and Kankuro (they are gaara's siblings)

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Q: Who is Sasori's partner?
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Is chiyo sasoris grandmother?


What does sasoris ring say?

His ring says: 玉 (Sphere)

Who revives Gaara when the Akasuki removes Shukaku?

the old women that fights sasori with sakura p.s she is sasoris grandma

Will anyone die in naruto shippuden?

Yes.... alot of people. Mainly the akatsuki. garra dies but sasoris grandma heals him.

Which episode does naruro beat up itachi?

he never does (itachi kakashis team killed was copy of itachi made by sasoris ninjutsu)

What happend to sasoris parents?

Sasori's parents went on a mission and while on their mission, they fought the white fang of the leaf (kakashi's father.) They lost the fight, and sadly died.

What color are Sasoris nails?

Sasori's nail polish color is a dark teal. Deidara, Tobi, and Orochimaru wore and wear dark teal nail polish as being apart of the Akatsuki Organization.

Does anyone else in the akatsuki have siblings?

Besides Itachi having sasuke as a little brother there are no relatives shown in naruto to any other akatsuki mebers except for sasori they have his grandmother and his cousin(gaara IS sasoris cousin belive or not!)

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