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Sandy Duncan is an American actress, dancer and singer. She has performed in live theater and television and had done voices in animated movies. She even had her own show called the Sandy Duncan show which ran from 1971-1972.

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Q: Who is Sandy Duncan what does she do?
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What is the birth name of Sandy Duncan?

Sandy Duncan's birth name is Sandra Kay Duncan.

How tall is Sandy Duncan?

Sandy Duncan is 5' 4 1/2".

What is Sandy Duncan's birthday?

Sandy Duncan was born on February 20, 1946.

What is the duration of The Sandy Duncan Show?

The duration of The Sandy Duncan Show is 1800.0 seconds.

When was The Sandy Duncan Show created?

The Sandy Duncan Show was created on 1971-09-18.

When did The Sandy Duncan Show end?

The Sandy Duncan Show ended on 1972-12-31.

When was Sandy Duncan born?

Sandy Duncan was born on February 20, 1946.

What are the release dates for The Sandy Duncan Show - 1972?

The Sandy Duncan Show - 1972 was released on: USA: 17 September 1972

What movie was Roy Scheider playing in with Sandy Duncan as his jilted girlfriend?

Roy Scheider and Sandy Duncan never worked on a film together.

Is the lady in the roomstore commercial any kin to Sandy Duncan?

No, the lady in the RoomStore commercial is not related to Sandy Duncan. They are different individuals.

Who was the actress that had a glass eye?

Sandy Duncan

What actors and actresses appeared in Sandy Duncan Special - 1974?

The cast of Sandy Duncan Special - 1974 includes: Robert Arditti as Dancer Sandy Duncan as herself Jeff Hyslop as Lead male dancer Gene Kelly as himself Paul Lynde as himself