Who is Sandra Copeland?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sandra Copeland is the nameof the first wife of evangelist Kenneth Copeland, and the mother of his elder daughter, Terri Copeland Pearsons. I don't know what her maiden name was, nor do I know when she married Kenneth or how long they were married. I do know they were divorced for some time before Kenneth met Gloria Copeland, his wife of over 40 years, and long before he committed his life to God and entered the ministry. The last I knew Sandra was still living, but had been ill. I do not know if she ever remarried after her divorce from Kenneth Copeland, but I do know she is not a secret to anyone who knows the ministry at all, and that Terri has maintained an open relationship with her mother as an adult.

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Q: Who is Sandra Copeland?
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Who is terri copelands mother?

Terri Copeland Pearson's MotherTerri Copeland Pearson's mother is Gloria Copeland. Her birth mother is a lady named Sandra.

Is Terri Copeland Pearson's mother named Sandra Copeland?

nope, Gloria copeland. Terri's birth mother's name is Sandy and Gloria is her stepmother. Relationships between all the familes are warm and healthy ones. Terri's biography can be found on her Web site Terri Copeland

Who is Terri Copeland Pearson's birth mother?

I am Terri Copeland Pearson's mom. My first name is Sandy and when Kenneth and I married we were just out of high school. Though our marriage didn't make it through the trials of immaturity, we did become proud parents of Terri. I am delighted to say the relationship between my family and the Copeland family is a good one. I have been a long time partner of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and am a member of Eagle Mountain International Church. I have a front row seat so to speak, and know of the study, the integrity and the passion that is delivered from their pulpits. My name or existence has never been hidden or denied by any of Terri's family. If you check on her website, you will find a video biography of Terri which I wrote and narrated and our relationship acknowledged. Yes, I am indeed blessed to be Terri's mother.

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Kelly copeland swisher?

She is formerly Kellie Copeland Kutz, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's daughter.