Who is Ruki from the GazettE?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ruki is the vocalist of the GazettE. :3

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Q: Who is Ruki from the GazettE?
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Is ruki from gazette?


Who writes the GazettE songs?

Ruki writes the lyrics of the GazettE songs ;P

What is the name of the GazettE's lead singer?

Ruki aka Matsumoto Takanori

Does Ruki from The Gazette band have a girlfriend?

He supposedly is or at least every member of the Gazette is single.

How old is ruki from the Gazette?

His birthday is February 1, 1981. Making him 31.

Does ruki from gazette have a substitute?

Yes. Ruki does have a substitute. Every well-known visual-kei in japan has one...If you do some research on google you'll find out most of these visual kei bands ' vocalist/one of the member have the same style/look as members of diffeent band.

How old are the people in gazette?

Ruki- vocalist - 30 Reita- bassist -31 Uruha- lead guitarist - 31 Aoi- guitarist - 33 Kai- drummer 31

Is Ruki from the GazettE married in 2021 I saw a pic of him during repetitions with an alliance (left hand, ring finger) so I have doubts. Thanks?

he wore it on the left finger of his left arm

Does ruki has a wife?

Ruki doesn't have a wife.

How old are the people in the gazette 2011?

If you mean the japanese Visual Kei band The GazettE, they started out in February 2002. The members that are now (Reita, Ruki, Uruha, Kai and Aoi) have been active together since 2003, when Kai replaced their former drummer, Yune.

Is there a girl in gazette?

in the band the GazettE? if so, there are no girls. some of the members look very..girly, but are, in fact, men. Their names are Ruki (singer), Reita (bassist), Aoi (guitarist with black hair), Uruha (other guitarist), and Kai (drummer). Many people mistake Uruha with being a woman. He is a man.

When was Ruki Tipuna born?

Ruki Tipuna was born on 1983-05-11.