Who is Rokudou Sennin?

Updated: 8/28/2023
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Rokudou SenninRokudou Sennin is the name of sage of six paths in Naruto manga. He is the creater of Ninjutsu, some called him the father of all ninja. Rokudou Sennin possessed the legendary Rinnegan power. The power of Rinnegan is said to be able to bring salvation when the world is in chaos or destroy the world reducing everythings to dust. Current Pein the Akatsuki S-Rank criminal organization is the only one who possessed Rinnegan power.

The only known Rokudou Sennin figure is in the dark. Rokudou Sennin or sage of six paths wear necklace that have six Magatama which some how related to the real world Buddhism believe of six paths of existence.

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Rikudo Sennin is the Sage of Six Paths. His real name is Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki and he was the first Jinchūriki of the Shinju (Ten Tails).

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Q: Who is Rokudou Sennin?
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Did rikudou sennin died?

yes he is dead and know doesnt have control of the 10 tails.Also he put the 10 tails eye on the moon

Who is ero-sennin?

Ero-sennin (translated pervy sage or perverted sage/wiseman) is Naruto's nickname for Jiraiya, his last human sensei and also the one who trained his father, the 4th hokage. Naruto mastered the sage arts from the elder toad. Jiraiya is also Naruto's godfather, but Naruto is more like Jiraiya's grandson as mentioned by Jiraiya. Notes: 1. Naruto is one of the few male characters still alive who shows any interest in the opposite sex, so there is some hope of him becoming perverted. Sexy Jutsu!!! 2. As far as character development goes; Naruto has surpassed, in one way or another, Kakashi, the 4th Hokage, and now even Jiraiya. Expect him to become godly in the next few chapters and then "broken" when he studies his father's sealing scrolls. This manga will climax soon hopefully.

Who is the sage of six path?

the sage of the six paths is one of the strongest characters in naruto shippuden. he posseses the rinnegan, but still much is unknown about him. He was also the man who found the arts of ninjutsu and created the ninja world and he is the powerful jinchuriki by becoming the first he sealed the ten tails inside the gigantic stone but still it is unknown about his life

Why does madara has rinnegan?

he is the first shinobi to get it,he then gave it to nagato for some unknown purposes; maybe it was part of his scheming of world domination. the way he got it was pretty simple in theory: as it is said in the story the sharingan,the mangekyou sharingan and then the rinnegan are the strongest and the most noble of doujutsu. so after getting his eternal mangekyou sharingan he was able to unlock this rinnengan thus becoming as powerful as the rikudu sennin.

Who has rinnegan?

Pein possesses the rinnegan and the founder of the ninja world also possessed the rinnegan. No the moment right now in the manga..506..there is no living person with it..only two ppl known to have had it..nagato (pain) and rikudo sennin (sage of six paths) [and founder of ninja world]....both DEAD...the way the manga is leading btw...naruto might possibly have rinnegan eyes waiting to be unlocked.. After Madara kills Konan, he takes the Rinnegan from nagato and does something with it. It is unknown what he is going to do with it, but it can't be good. I am sure that Nagato is not the last we see of the rinnegan.

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Did Naruto have kagegan?

No he doesn't, all he has is the 9 tail fox (kyubbi). (it's Not spelt kagegan, it is spelt ke-Kai- gen-Kai) Actualy Kagegan is an ocular jutsu used by Rokudou Sennin and Sanmaru. It is said that Minato was Rokudou Senin's brother so he must have that ke Kai gen Kai and so does naruto

What is the duration of Sennin Buraku?

The duration of Sennin Buraku is 1.38 hours.

When was Sennin Buraku created?

Sennin Buraku was created on 1961-02-28.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kume sennin - 1915?

The cast of Kume sennin - 1915 includes: Matsunosuke Onoe

Who is Jariya to Naruto?

jiraiya is naruto's godfather. And one of legendary sennin trained by the third hokage and sensei of the fourth. ero sennin-pervy sage

What actors and actresses appeared in Ninjutsu-tsukai to sennin masume - 1961?

The cast of Ninjutsu-tsukai to sennin masume - 1961 includes: Hiromi Hanazono Shingo Yamashiro

Who will be Rikudou Sennin?

tobi (Obito) he has the sharingan and nagato's rennagan

What is meaki?

Meaki is a Japanese word meaning "one who sees". "For a thousand seeing people in the world, there are a thousand blind people" (yo na ka WA meaki sennin mekura sennin)

Is the Rikudō Sennin a Uzumaki?

Rikudo sennin, whose real name is Hagoromo Otsutsuki, was from the Otsutsuki clan. Some of the descendants from his son Asura became the Uzumaki clan. It's not know if the Uzumaki existed in Hagoromo's time.

Is naruto the next rikudou sennin?

yes bechause he is the bestt caracter of all time.

What does touki means?

A touki is a magical weapon. Some say its the only weapon able to slay the youma and sennin in heaven.

Did rikudou sennin died?

yes he is dead and know doesnt have control of the 10 tails.Also he put the 10 tails eye on the moon