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Regina Spektor is the name of an American singer and musician. She married Jack Dishel in 2011. Additional details about Spektor can be found on Wikipedia.

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Q: Who is Regina Spector married to?
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Who was married to Phil spector?

Phil Spector was married to Annette Merar, Veronica Bennett, and Rachelle Short.

When did Rebecca Hall get married?

Rebecca Hall married to Morgan Spector in 2015

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Yes, Rebecca Hall married to Morgan Spector in 2015

Who is Regina Spektor dating?

No, she is not currently married, engaged, or dating and she has never been married previously.

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Is Regina Hall married?

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Who did Rebecca Hall marry?

Rebecca Hall married to Morgan Spector in 2015

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Is it true that Phil Spector gets all royalties from songs that Ronnie Spector wrote?

Phil Spector both wrote and arranged/produced songs. Ronnie Spector ( then Bennett, they were not married until l969) performed songs, but did not write them. she does have a unique performing style as do many rock singers, but is not strictly speaking a song-writer. let us not confuse a playwright and an actor!

Where does the term Big Brother in the spector mean?

Big Brother and the Holding Company- odd title was a rock group featuring Janis Joplin. There is no connection between Philip Spector and Janis Joplin, at the time of Joplin"s high point, (which did not last long as she tragically died in l970) Mr. Spector was then newly married to Veronica Bennett- then and now known as Ronnie Spector.

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