Who is Quorra?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Quorra is an ISO (Isomorphic Algorithm) Program in the Grid, from the movie Tron Legacy. She is the last ISO and was saved by Kevin Flynn during Clu's great purge.

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Q: Who is Quorra?
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What is qoura real name from the movie Tron legacy?

Quorra is played by Olivia Wilde if you're wondering the real-world actress. In the movie, Quorra is her name.

Do Sam and Quorra kiss in Tron Legacy?

sorry no i saw the movie 8 times and didnt see it

Who plays Quorra in the 2010 film 'Tron'?

Oliva Wilde

What is Olivia wildes characters name in tron legacy?


What was cora's kind in Tron?

Quorra (Olivia Wilde) was an "isomorphic algorithm" .

What is the name of the song in Tron Legacy when they are in the club and Quorra gets hurt and Sam's dad walks in and kneels to the floor?

There are two songs in that scene. The first is when Sam and Quorra are battling the Black guards. That song is "Derezzed". The song when Quorra gets critically injured in that battle and Kevin Flynn appears and intervenes is called "Fall". Both songs are by Daft Punk.

What was special about the girl in Tron?

Quorra , who as played by Olivia Wilde , was an "isomorphic algorithm" that held information about the outside world .

What is the name of the bike used in Tron legacy?

Light Cycle. The four wheeled vehicle that Quorra uses is the Light Runner.

Will there be a tron legacy sequel?

Good question! Since Quorra isn't human, she and Sam Flynn may not be able to marry and have children!

Who are the main characters in Tron?

Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn / Clu - Garrett Hedlund as Samuel "Sam" Flynn - Olivia Wilde as Quorra .

Does quorra exist?

No She Does Not But She Helps Sam Flynn Battle Bad Guys And She Tries To Help Him Find His Real Father. There Are Costumes That She Wore In The Movie But It Is Fake And Is Defiantly Not Real?

Who plays Cora in Tron Legacy?

Olivia Wilde portrays the character Cora in "Tron: Legacy." She is an artificial intelligence program who helps the protagonist throughout the film.