Who is Pietro della Vigna?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A political leader who committed suicide after he was betrayed and falsely imprisoned

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Q: Who is Pietro della Vigna?
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When was Pietro della Vigna born?

Pietro della Vigna was born in 1190.

When did Pietro della Vigna die?

Pietro della Vigna died in 1249.

When did Pietro della Vecchia die?

Pietro della Vecchia died in 1678.

When was Pietro della Vecchia born?

Pietro della Vecchia was born in 1603.

When did Pietro Della Valle die?

Pietro Della Valle died in 1652.

When was Pietro Tomasi Della Torretta born?

Pietro Tomasi Della Torretta was born in 1873.

When did Pietro Tomasi Della Torretta die?

Pietro Tomasi Della Torretta died in 1962.

What has the author Pietro Venturi written?

Pietro Venturi has written: 'Il figlio della montagna'

What has the author Pietro Lichtenthal written?

Pietro Lichtenthal has written: 'Dizionario e bibliografia della musica'

What has the author Pietro Leone written?

Pietro Leone has written: 'Lineamenti di storia della Sicilia'

What has the author Pietro Siciliani written?

Pietro Siciliani has written: 'Sul rinnovamento della filosofia positiva in Italia'

What has the author Wilfred Martin Buth written?

Wilfred Martin Buth has written: 'Piero della Vigna, bureaucrat' -- subject(s): History