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Sasha is a girl who plays Alison in Pretty Little Liars!

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Paige is a competitive girl that is in Emily's swim-team. so far she has argued with emily, tried to drown her and then kissed her at the end of episode 17 of pretty little liars.

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Q: Who is Paige in Pretty Little Liars?
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Who kidnaps Alison from Pretty Little Liars?

it is paige

Who is helping A in Pretty Little Liars?

paige - 4x21

Is Lindsey shaw on Pretty Little Liars?

Yes, she plays Paige.

What does pig shin on Pretty Little Liars have to do with A?

thats what ali called paige

What is the name of the actress that portrays Paige from Pretty Little Liars?

Lindsey Shaw

Is Paige from Pretty Little Liars gay in real life?

no because she is only acting for a her part

Which Pretty Little Liars episode is the one that Paige pushes Emily under in the swimming pool?

The 15th episode of the 1st season.

What is the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series?

Pretty Little Liars!

Who is Louis on Pretty Little Liars?

there's no Louis in pretty little liars.

What did Paige from Pretty Little Liars do?

Depends which part you are up to, first of all she was really mean to Emily, then she kissed Emily, then they went on a date

Is there a new Pretty Little Liars book?

there is not a new pretty little liars book

How did Ezra die on Pretty Little Liars?

Ezra did not die on Pretty Little Liars.