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Q: Who is Nicole pregnant to on home and away?
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What is Nicole's real name from home and away?

Nicole from Home and Away's real name is Tessa James. This is validated from a Home and Away cast and crew website.

How old is Nicole in Home and Away?


Does Nicole keep her baby in home and away?

yes she does!

Do Geoff and Nicole on home and away get back together?

no they don't Nicole finds a new boyfirend

Who is tessa James?

she plays Nicole Franklin on home and away

Has Nicole got a boyfriend anymore in Home and Away?

Yes she has, Aiden.

Who plays Nichole in home and away?

Nicole is played by tessa James.

What episode is when Nicole gives birth to her son on home and away?


Does Angeloo die on home and away?

No Angelo left with Nicole and baby George

How do you get the attitude of Nicole from Home and Away?

i think you may have to ask the actress who plays her .. :D

Is belle pregnant in home and away?

Belles dead :( So she can't be pregnant.

Was Nicole Kidman ever pregnant by Lenny Kravitz?

Yes Nicole ME ME ME Kidman was pregnant to Lenny Nicole Kidman dad told her she had to rid the baby and Lenny